Account Verification

Please be aware that an unverified account not only has less options provided to you by Way2Forex but also runs the risk of being shut down. Yes, even though account verification is not currently required, it is always preferable to safeguard it by submitting all required supporting papers.


It is a rather easy process. All you have to do is mail the address and identity documentation to Way2Forex after scanning them. The list of acceptable address and identity proofs is listed in the annexure that was discussed earlier. The list is in accordance with the directives issued by the Indian government.


After reviewing the documents, we will let you know whether we agree or disagree (as appropriate). The average time needed to perform the treatment is 72 hours. If additional documentation is required, we will let you know and take appropriate action.


The first and second levels of verification are present. The prerequisites for each level are different, and in order to achieve the second level, you must first pass the first level. Read about the intricacies of our Verify Account process to learn more.

Things to consider

The following should always be considered while sending verification documents:

  • Please submit a coloured scanned copy to us for validation. Do not forget to scan the document on both sides.
  • The document cannot have any additions, scratch-outs, alterations, or erasures.
  • The quality of the photos should be excellent.
  • The details in the various documents should be same.
  • After at least six months of applying for account verification, validity should expire.
  • Please only send files in the approved formats (see the annexure). There should be a 2MB file size limit.
  • These are a few general guidelines. Before sending account verification documents, please read the protocol.