Education Package

  • EAP Training Program: – Minimum Amount – 300 Dollar (19577) INR
  • Advanced Pattern Mastery Course 500 Dollar (34000) INR
  • $100 for each email update; FREE training; email list

Our platform’s online resources, which include training videos, online tutorials, and PDF instructions, are available to new traders who want to launch a lucrative career in the Forex market.


The goal of Forex Journey’s strategy is to open trading in the forex market to all people. Before beginning your adventure with forex, you simply need some rapid training.


There are many kinds of accounts, and everything will rely on your level of expertise and ambition. For instance, if you don’t feel very safe when using the service, try opening a sample account with a small budget that doesn’t go beyond $100.


Customers who do not yet have a lot of forex trading experience can make advantage of the instructive demo account option. You may quickly learn how to trade currencies with this option.


Customers can use normal accounts or small accounts if they have some experience with Forex trading strategies.


You it can solidify your Forex expertise by using these types of accounts to get all the tools and support services you need.


If the frequently asked questions in our forum do not have an answer that fulfils your needs, you may contact our specialists, who are always available to assist you in getting past any obstacles you may be facing.


For the best traders, there is also a Premium option. This is a way to increase knowledge while receiving a small discount on the services provided. Simply open your first Premium account if you are interested in this type of account and don’t be afraid to speak with a Forex professional.

Type of training-

Online, Monday through Friday, between 9:00 and 10:00 IST

22 training days-

from Monday to Friday from 9.00AM to 10:00AM IST

Method of payment-

Here, customers can pay online

The cancellation and refund-

After purchasing the education package, there is no going back and no money will be refunded.